Astragalus Powder

Astragalus Powder

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Astragalus has been a major herb in Chinese medicine for 4000 years. Its traditional uses are for spleen deficiencies with lack of appetite, fatigue, and diarrhea. It is used for protects vital energy, numbness of limbs and paralysis. 

As a diuretic, for reduction of edema.
For blood loss, especially postpartum.
For promoting the discharge of pus, and sores that have not drained or healed.
Astragalus is an immune modulator. Increases interferon- gamma and interleukin-2 levels. Enhances CD4+ counts and balances the CD4:CD8 ratio.

Astragalus is specific for immune atrophy and enhances function in the spleen and thymus.

The clinical observations report consistent use for millennia in the treatment of colds and flu and suppressed immune function without side effects.