Organic Goji Berry

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  • Goji has been ranked No. 1 in Chinese medicine with 5000 years of history and among over 8000 herbs.
  • A famed Chinese guy lived to the age of 252 years. His daily supplement consisted of goji berries and ginseng. Ningxia province in China where goji berries are primarily grown has more centenarians than the rest of the country. They are more active, healthy and vibrant than elderly people in western countries. We hold a strong belief that goji can significantly extend life.
  • It is listed on the top 1 superfood. They are complete protein source and 19 different amino acids, as well as B1, B2, B 6 and vitamin E. It supports the body in healing itself by providing extraordinary nutrients. It contains antioxidant 2-4 times the amount found in blueberries.
  • As we age, we produce less and less human growth hormone, goji is the only food known to help stimulate and produce more HGH naturally. The factor alone makes the goji the world’s greatest anti-aging superfood.
  • It improves vision, enhances stamina and helps regulate high blood sugar.
  • It also stimulates collagen production which resulting in younger looking skin.