Slim Out

Slim Out

  • $30.00

Slim out is made of L-Carnitine and tea polyphenols.

& Improves metabolism;

& Burns fat;

& Helps you lose or maintain weight more effectively.

& Tea polyphenols: since ancient times tea has been known to be effective in keeping body in good condition. Tea polyphenols have proven to be multi-functionally effective in preventing ailments. It is good for cardiovascular disease and anti-cancer, antioxidant. Yea is always linked to longevity.

L-Carnitine: is best known as a fat burner. It can promote the conversion of fat into energy. It helps the body produce energy, improves stamina, helps with muscle recovery, increases natural fat burning function. Helps to reduce blood pressure and blood sugar. It also helps with heart and brain function. 
L-Carnitine improves exercise performance.